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Andrew Maclean | Jan, 15 2018 | 0 Comments

Ford is reincarnating the Mach 1 name, a title previously reserved for performance-pack versions of its Mustang fastback, for an upcoming fully-electric high-performance SUV.

The news came at the blue oval's pre-event function before the opening of the 2018 Detroit motor show to confirm it will produce a Tesla Model X rival ahead of more EV models built on the same platform.

Ford's executive vice president, Jim Farley, revealed the bold plan after announcing the next-generation F-150 pick-up will be available with a hybrid powertrain option, claiming Ford "won't stop there. We're also thinking about performance vehicles."

He then pointed to the big screen behind him where a Mustang and an Explorer drive into Ford's 'Team Edison' electric vehicle facility, suggesting that the Mach 1 will combine the best attributes of its iconic sports coupe and the practicality of its most popular SUV.

“What is that going to look like? Well, it’s too soon to show you but here’s what our next battery electric is going to feel like,” Farley said while a shockwave of electricity ran through a city landscape on the big screen.

“Mach 1, a performance battery electric [vehicle is] coming in 2020 and we can’t wait. It’s the beginning of a whole new world for our customers and electrifying the best of Ford,” he added.

A modern spin on an old name, the Mach 1 SUV is expected to be the launchpad for a variety of electric cars from Ford, with global R&D boss, Raj Nair, telling US media that it will be based on a unique 'skateboard-like' platform, much like that which underpins the Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV, which means that it would be feasible for Ford to branch-off a number of models by sharing the same fundamentals.

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