2017 BMW M2
BMW M2 Photo: Supplied
2017 BMW M2
BMW M2 Competition VIN Photo: TMR
2017 BMW M2
2017 BMW M2

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Alex Rae | Nov, 17 2017 | 0 Comments

Camo-clad spy pics, videos and a bit of speculation has pointed to the idea that an M2 CS or CSL model was in the works, but leaked VIN numbers and sources reveal the current BMW M2 is likely to be first replaced by an M2 Competition model next year. 

BMW has already confirmed the existence of these high-performance models to TMR, however it seems unlikely that the M2 will come in the exclusive and drastically more expensive CS or CSL trims, at least not until after its first major update.

VIN serial numbers of test mules have been leaked, some spotted testing on the Nurburgring, that relate to internal codes matching a new ‘M2 Competition’ designation.

However, rather than adding an option or package to the M model, such as with the M3 and M4 Competition variants, the M2 Competition has been given its own designation. Concerning Australians is the ‘2U72’ code for EUR-spec right-hand drive M2 Competition models which we would receive.

Production of the current M2 coupe is rumoured to stop in June next year and be replaced by the M2 Competition model with an increase in power and performance.

In a bid to up power output, the current M2’s N55 engine is predicted to receive the M3/M4’s more powerful S55 powerplant. Differences include a lightened crankshaft, strengthened pistons and twin-turbochargers for earlier power delivery.

Implementing the higher-output engine into the mid-2018 M2 Competition would also help BMW justify the cost of building the speculated S55-powered M2 CSL. Given engineering the S55 into the M2’s engine bay requires modifying the front strut and suspension setup, costs would seem unfeasible to produce a very limited run of CSLs.

For the Competition, the S55 engine is expected to be slightly detuned from the M4’s output and produce around 300kW, an increase of 28kW compared to the current M2. In CSL guise it could be easily tuned up to the M4 Competition’s 331kW or even near the water-cooled M4 GTS’ 368kW output.

The VIN codes also show both manual and dual-clutch automatic transmissions should still be available.

Supporting claims the S55 will feature next year in the M2 is its distinct sound heard in the test vehicles and confirmation from one photographer which saw the modified engine in a mule.

Beating down the idea that the S55-powered M2 mules were CS or CSL models is the fact there were no extra camo-covered body parts such as a rear spoiler or splitter as seen on the M4 CS and M3 CS cars spied before launch.

The lack of extra aero outside should see the refreshed M2 looking much the same as the current model. However, it has been sighted with larger brakes and interior differences, including the seats from the current M4 Competition.

Whatever the updated M2 looks like, the current-generation and hugely successful coupe will end production in 2020, with the M2 CSL tipped to be a celebratory adieu released sometime in 2019.

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