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Stephen Ottley | Nov, 10 2017 | 0 Comments

Although Holden ceased its Australian manufacturing operations in October this year, it still has Aussie-made Commodores on its hands, though not for long.

With around 2500 locally-made VF Commodores available through Holden showrooms, stocks look set to run-down fast, potentially ahead of the introduction of the new fully-imported Commodore in February 2018.

Holden tells TMR that of the remaining vehicles, stock is evenly split between V6 and V8-powered models, although with savvy buyers having pre-ordered out of the last available build slots, some more desirable specifications may be subject to availability.

Holden believes the remaining stock of local Commodores should last until late January, however, if sales continue at current rates that may be optimistic. While no doubt helped by the emotion of the closure, Holden managed to sell 2418 new Commodores in October.

Even at a reduced pace the Australian Commodore may potentially sell out before the end of 2017.

Unlike the Ford Falcon which struggled during its final years on sale, Holden has maintained strong sales of the Commodore until the end, although numbers have slowed slightly compared to peak figures.

The V8 models have been increasing in popularity since the announcement was made that local production would end, as patriotic buyers took the opportunity to snap up a locally-made sports sedan.

When the company announced a trio of limited edition models in January - the Motorsport, Director and Magnum - all 1800 examples sold out within hours.

While Ford, Holden and Toyota have all now ceased local manufacturing, Holden Special Vehicles is still converting standard Commodore sedan and utes into its final GTSR range of performance cars.

No final production dates has been set for the last HSV.

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