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Alex Rae | Dec, 28 2017 | 0 Comments

Aston Martin has recalled four models that were sold over a 14-year period due to a potentially faulty seat rail which may cause smoke and fire inside the cabin.

The recall concerns both coupe and Volante versions of the DB9, DBS and Virage sold from 13 July 2004 to 20 June 2016. It also affects the Vanquish coupe and Volante sold from 2013 onwards.

The British car maker states that the driver’s seat may compress and cause damage to the under-seat battery power cable when the seat has lost calibration, not been re-calibrated correctly, or when the seat is set to its most rearward position.

Compression of the battery cable may result in smoke developing from underneath the seat with the risk of fire if combustible material is nearby.

Product Safety Australia has issued the recall and provided a list of all affect vehicle VIN numbers here.

Owners will be contacted by mail and anyone concerned can contact their nearest Aston Martin dealership to have the problem checked and repaired free of charge.

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