More Hoon Cars Impounded In Victoria Photo:
Mike Stevens | Oct, 04 2010 | 5 Comments

Victoria Police impounded 23 'hoon' cars over the weekend. A P-plater caught travelling at 190km/h along the Eastern Freeway, where the speed limit is 100km/h, is among those now walking.

Police said the 20 year-old man will be charged on summons for speed and dangerous driving. The man's car has been impounded for 48 hours.

A 28 year-old man detected travelling 64km/h over the speed limit in Scoresby also had his car impounded and faces similar penalties.

The worst offender over the weekend was a 38 year-old man nabbed travelling 200km/h in an 80km/h zone in Tyrendarra. Along with having his car impounded, he is expected to be charged on summons with 'exceeding the speed limit and speeding dangerously'.

"The large number of impoundments show that the hoon laws are widely used and the comparatively low number of repeat offenders shows that they work," Road Policing Strategy Group Acting Inspector John Gibson said.

"This weekend's offences reinforce the need for police to be ever vigilant in the battle to keep our roads safe."

Across the weekend, 13 cars were impounded on Saturday, followed by a further 10 cars on Sunday.

The weekend's actions follow September's Operation Friction 2, which saw four cars impounded and 52 people issued with Notices of Unroadworthiness.

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