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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 31 2009 | 7 Comments

Mitsubishi has announced that it will be extending the trail of its all-electric i MiEV compact car to Aussie roads. Two cars will be shipped Downunder in February and will make their grand entrance at the Melbourne Motor Show on the 27th of that month.

After the Show, the i MiEVs will embark on a tour of Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia. Once the tour is complete, one vehicle will be put on display while the other will be handed over to journalists, government authorities, fleet buyers, Mitsubishi dealers and city officials to test drive and assess.

Mitsubishi i MiEV

The primary objectives of the trial are to determine its suitability for the local market and to examine what infrastructure is in already in place (or would need to be in place) to accommodate it.

Given that there are currently next-to-no commercially-available EV's scooting about in Australia, we're guessing there's still a fair amount of work to be done before we see more cars like Mitsubishi's battery-powered city car on our roads. Still, if the i MiEV can work for the Kanagawa Police Department then surely it can work for us, no?

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