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Steane Klose | Apr, 04 2007 | 0 Comments

MG, that famous British brand first seen in the 1920’s has just been resurrected in Nanjing, China. Twenty years ago if you bought a plastic MG toy or any of a variety of plastic soldiers for the discerning 10 year old Rambo you could almost be guaranteed that it was 'Made in China'. In fact 'Made in China' was a derogatory way of describing something that was…well…rubbish really.

Now in an ironic twist of fate they are making the real thing, with the first Chinese built MG TF having just been unveiled. The new owner and manufacturer of MG is Nanjing Auto who began life as a military garage in 1947. Perhaps the initials MG now stand for Military Garage instead of the original Morris Garages?

Zhang Xin, general manager of Nanjing said;

"We are keeping the original British flavour,"

British flavour being made in China? That must be a bit like having Soy Sauce on your Fish and Chips.

The major market for the Chinese MG is expected to be China. Having said that Nanjing have confirmed the signing of a letter of intent to make MG’s in the USA although this is not finalised yet. It would make sense given that the old MG’s biggest market was the states and California in-particular.

Many of the ‘old guard’ MG enthusiasts would consider this the final humiliating nail in the coffin of a once iconic brand. Looking on the bright side, at least the brand hasn’t disappeared forever and maybe they will make it in right hand drive and ship it to Australia or back to England? It’s likely to be better built than the English version was. China have learnt a lot from making plastic toys.

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