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Steane Klose | Aug, 10 2007 | 0 Comments

Car Magazine have spotted a prototype of the successor to the Mclaren-Mercedes SLR testing, most likely in California’s dessert areas, a favourite for manufacturer wanting to test their pre-production cars in a hot environment. Looking like a stretched TVR Cerbera, this is the car that Mercedes are developing in-house without the help of Mclaren.

This time around, Mercedes have handed the project over to their performance arm AMG. The gestation period for the current SLR was less than acrimonious, with Mclaren and Mercedes having different points of view on what the SL based supercar should be. Mercedes wanted it to be reasonably priced for example…

Dubbed the SLC, it will be the first Mercedes to make extensive use of aluminium in an effort to reduce weight. Sort of like a trial run for Mercedes who do not have Audi’s experience in using the lightweight alloy. We can expect to see more aluminium being used in future Mercedes models.


Mercedes have not only resurrected the SLC badge but according to CAR they have reached back further in time, to their famous and now highly collectible 300SL Gullwing (pictured above), and the lift-up “Gullwing” doors may be a feature of the SLC.

Although little is known about the drivetrain we would expect one of the AMG thumpers to be lurking beneath the long bonnet. Probably the 6.2-litre V8 with a forced-induction version to be an option.

According to CAR, there will only be a limited production run of 500 at an estimated cost of £120,000 each. Given that 1100+ SLR’s have found new homes and this has been considered a “slow” seller, we would think 500 units of the cheaper SLC will not be enough and expect that more will be built.


[Source: CAR via Automobiles De Luxe]

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