Mercedes-AMG GT R Sets Nurburgring Lap Record Photo:
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_42 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_23 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_08 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_12 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_46 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_31 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_32 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_20 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_01 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_47 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_41 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_19 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_06 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_11 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_37 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_30 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_16 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_49 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_25 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_35 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_15 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_03 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_13 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_40 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_24 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_17 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_50 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_33 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_36 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_21 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_02 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_04 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_38 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_26 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_14 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_48 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_27 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_39 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_18 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_05 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_43 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_28 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_10 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_09 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_44 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_29 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_34 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_22 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_07 Photo: tmr
2017_mercedes_amg_gt_r_45 Photo: tmr

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TMR Team | Dec, 13 2016 | 0 Comments

New Mercedes-AMG GT R owns the one ring to rule them all - the Nurburgring.

The most track focused road car from the German car maker has set a blistering time of 7:10.9 around the 21km Nurburgring track in Germany.

This is the fastest time ever set by a rear-wheel drive road car. The only road cars to post a quicker time are the Porsche 918 Spyder, Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce and Nissan GT-R Nismo.

The time was set by German automotive magazine Sport Auto.

The Mercedes-AMG was revealed at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed and features unique active aerodynamics, rear-wheel steering, modified suspension and lightweight forged wheels shod with cup tyres over the regular GT.

Its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine has had its output raised to 430kW and 700Nm - compared to 375kW and 650Nm found in the GT S - and is now capable of sprinting from 0-100km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz has slated the GT R to hit local showrooms sometime in 2017 with pricing expected to sit about $400,000. It is expected to do battle with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS for the mantle of the fiercest road going racers.

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