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New Nissan 370Z Prices and Specifications

Mike Stevens | Jan, 07 2009 | 6 Comments

Matchless Crowd Racing, one of the more 'Japlish'-named tuning houses in the Land of the Rising Sun, is also one of the more famous modern tuners. As proof, MCR's R34 Skyline GT-R has featured as one of the quickest mountain pass (aka touge in Japanese) weapons, tested by respected magazine and video maker Best Motoring.

MCR has now turned its attention to the new 370Z with first pics of the demo car now available. Daubed in MCR's signature crimson hue, the car features a 'full add-on skirt and wing' bodykit along with bespoke Enkei wheels. The skirts are available in fibreglass or carbon fibre, depending on your budget and tastes.


While I am still not a fan of the 370Z's looks (perhaps it will grow on me), I find this bodykit and wheels to be a positive change to the car. The shape is cohesive and aggressive without being over-the-top. The wing doesn't look like it was stolen from a F1 race car, and might actually let you see out the back. The wheels add to the 370Z's stance, sitting nearly flush against the guards and with a big arch-filling diameter (without being ludicrous).


Bringing some go to match the show, MCR has provided some basic upgrades to the mechanical package. A free-flowing titanium exhaust will return some of the animal to the undoubtedly muted-for-legality note, coupled with a custom engine management tune to round out the powertrain improvements.


To help with the extra mumbo, MCR has included a suspension kit to improve handling, and bigger brakes to rein in the extra horsepower.


And, just to let everyone know you're serious, MCR has also included racing-style tow points with colour coding. Not a mod everyone will want, but if you plan on taking the car to the track and driving it to its limits... you might need them (sometimes those limits will drive you).


While that list might not be as extensive as we might have expected, the car is still very new and the platform a relative unknown. The popularity of the 370Z will guarantee that it's a matter of 'when' rather than 'if' we'll see more serious options available to Z owners who want more out of their car.

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