McLaren MP4-12C: New Images, Video With Company Bosses Ron Dennis And Antony Sheriff Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 11 2009 | 3 Comments

REVEALED EARLIER this week, the 2011 McLaren MP4-12C promises to shift McLaren from mere racing outfit and niche supercar manufacturer (albeit with the once world's fastest production car to its name), to volume-selling supercar brand.

Today, McLaren has released a pair of videos that see the company's bosses Ron Dennis and Antony Sheriff detailing what the MP4-12C represents for the company's future, and what it offers buyers.

Accompanying the videos, a new gallery of images reveal the elegant lines of the 12C in the real world.


McLaren has elected not to show any on-road footage of the MP4-12C, but these videos of company Chairman Ron Dennis and Managing Director Antony Sheriff are clearly designed to build anticipation.

"If we were to design a car that was just as fast as a Ferrari and just as aggressive as a Lamborghini and just as evocative as an Aston Martin, frankly, there wouldn't have been any reason for McLaren to exist," McLaren Automotive Managing Director Antony Sheriff said.

"For a manufacturer to come in and say we're going to make a car that's "just as good as?", is not good enough. We had to do something that was substantially better."

Chairman Ron Dennis is no less confident in the 12C's potential.

"The F1, followed by the SLR, both very successful cars in their own right. But now, this is something different. This is something that captures the passion of McLaren. It's the first of a whole range of high-performance cars that we'll bring to the market over the forthcoming years," Mr Dennis said.

"It's a great car, full of technology, which is really what this company is all about. It's unique because of its manufacturing technologies, which are absolutely pioneering. Everything is built for a purpose."

"The car is styled purely as a result of its function."

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