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Maserati Celebrates FIA GT Win - With Doughnuts Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Dec, 12 2008 | 1 Comment

Victory burnouts. Is there no greater joy? Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels of the Maserati Vitaphone Racing Team celebrated their recent win of the 2008 FIA GT World Championship with burnout after triumphant burnout in their Maserati MC-12 racing car - but not at the racetrack, and for another good reason.


Performed in a carpark (the natural habitat of automotive hooliganism) at Maserati's factory in Viale Ciro Menotti, the gratuitous display of tyre-shredding horsepower was also accompanied by pit crew demonstrations.

As well as being a celebration of Maserati's latest FIA GT victory, the event was held as a special thank-you to Maserati's hundreds of factory workers and their families, who gathered around the MC-12 to inhale those freshly-atomised racing slicks.

Maserati, we like your style.

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