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Lynk & Co, the new Geely-owned carmaker out of China is set to unveil its next new model shortly, and the carmaker has reportedly confirmed that another SUV is on the cards.

Following the 01 model (pictured, above), unveiled last year, and the 03 sedan concept, the 02 model is set to follow somewhat in the 01’s wheel-tracks as a model appealing to the SUV set.

Speaking with the UK’s Auto Express, Lynk & Co Senior Vice President Alain Visser reportedly said the 02 would be a little lower than the 01 as a crossover with SUV styling.

“In between the 01 SUV and 03 saloon will be a type of crossover vehicle that we’ll reveal soon,” Mr Visser said.

“It’s got SUV cues, but it’s probably a bit lower. You’ll see that most of our cars are relatively small in size.”

Visser said the carmaker wanted the 02 to “feel young”, adding that the model was squarely aimed at young buyers rather than family buyers.

Lynk & Co 03 Sedan
Lynk & Co 03 Sedan

The Senior Vice President added that he believed the demographic for SUVs in general was shifting, with more young buyers interested in compact SUVs over sedans and hatches.

Lynk & Co offer a unique ‘subscription’ method for purchasers, and Visser believes this model will further appeal to young buyers.

“For a price per month you become part of the Lynk & Co community,” Mr Visser said. “You buy a Lynk & Co contract, like a mobile phone, maybe for one month, maybe for one week, maybe for 1000 miles or you just continue to do it.”

“We want to sell cars, but we will, most of all, sell mobility. So we’ll sell cars via a subscription model, where you pay a monthly fee and extend it or not, but within that fee you can change car every day or swap it whenever you want it.”

“So say you pay your monthly fee - we haven’t calculated it but let’s assume it’s £200 - and you spend five days a month where the car is at the airport. For these five days you put your car on share, and for £20 a day you get £100 back. It’s a very simple business model for an individual to understand.”

While it’s unclear whether Lynk & Co will ever appear in Australian showrooms in any official capacity, Mr Visser has at least confirmed that the company will shortly begin production of right-hand-drive models.

From the end of 2019, customers in the UK will be offered the 01 and later, the 02. The 03 Sedan may also be sold in Britain.

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