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Steane Klose | Sep, 04 2007 | 0 Comments

Lexus Australia have announced today that they have achieved a new milestone with the sale of their 1000th hybrid vehicle in Australia. Lexus offer two hybrids in Australia, the GS 450h and the RX 400h SUV.

The RX 400h was the star performer, notching up two-thirds of the combined sales, no doubt partly due to high fuel prices – always a concern of potential SUV purchasers.

"Not only are GS 450h and RX 400h some of the best performing vehicles in their classes, they are also the most economical," said John Roca, chief executive of Lexus Australia.

Lexus Australia also note that a recent Roy Morgan poll indicates that more than 50 percent of Australian new car buyers would seriously consider buying a hybrid vehicle.

The research was conducted between 2003 and 2007 and 28,812 Australians were surveyed over the period. Interestingly, those who indicated they would consider a hybrid were between 35 and 49 years of age a split almost evenly between male (54 percent) and female (46 percent).

VFACTS figures indicate that as at the end of July this year, sales of hybrid vehicles in Australia are up 93.3 percent when compared to the same period a year ago.

While this may be true, Toyota are experiencing declining interest in their hybrid products in other markets as diesel technology makes the latest clean diesels less complex, more powerful and even more economical than equivalent petrol-electric hybrids.

Lexus are not going to let clean diesels get in the way of a good time and have confirmed their commitment to hybrid technology. In fact the LS600hL long-wheel base hybrid (pictured) is due for its Australian launch later this year and is claimed to be the world’s most advanced hybrid vehicle. I confess to not buying the hybrid hype but there is no denying that the Lexus hybrids are extraordinary examples of engineering.


[Source: Lexus Australia]

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