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Steane Klose | Dec, 05 2007 | 0 Comments

Lexus released the flagship of their range, the hybrid LS600h in Australia on the 19th of November and if you were in any doubt as to the saleability of this ultimate V8-electric hybrid then don’t be. Reports from across the globe have the LS600h being in big demand.

Lexus have stated that they were expecting to sell 2,000 LS600h’s per annum, hardly a lofty target and one that has been obliterated by worldwide October sales of 6,093 units! It makes you wonder how Lexus could have so poorly judged the market for their new wonder car and where they found 5,500 other LS600h’s to satisfy the amazing demand...

Aside from the impeccable Lexus build quality and the stunning display of technology it is thought that the LS600h is appealing to the well-to-do because it is the one set of wheels that allows them to make an “I care” statement. I can appreciate the LS600h for the technological masterpiece that it is but one of the clean diesel German Luxury cars would be more frugal.

Have Lexus pinched some of that Prius snake-oil? Do they have another dubious but highly effective marketing extravaganza on their hands. Buy a Lexus hybrid and save the world? It’s possible, but I think that luxury car buyers just recognise that Lexus are at the top of the luxury car game at the moment, and if you want to buy the best of the best, right now its an LS600h.

[Source: Autoblog]

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