Lexus LS Series To Receive A V6 Option? Photo:
Mike Stevens | Feb, 02 2009 | 0 Comments

Word around town at the moment is that Lexus is looking at adding a more frugal V6 to the currently all-V8 LS range. With fuel prices appearing to be on the climb once again, it would doubtless be a welcome option for many Lexus buyers – not to mention a handy boost to the brand’s market share.

The most likely engine option would be Toyota’s 232kW 3.5 litre 2GR-FSE V6, with the D4-S twin-injection system, which has recently seen service in the US-spec 2007 Lexus GS 350.


With the LS range aimed at the BMW 7-Series, a V6 option would point the possible LS 350 right at the slightly more powerful BMW 740i, packing a 242kW 3.0 litre inline six.

Parent Toyota is known for its penchant for offering a model in just about every niche possible, so the answer to the question of whether we’ll see a V6-powered Lexus LS or not, may be an easy ‘yes’.

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