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Steane Klose | Apr, 18 2007 | 0 Comments

It has been a well known fact for a while now that Lexus are nearing the business end of producing their first supercar. The Lexus LF-A was last seen in the flesh at this years Detroit Motor Show and was supposedly in 'close to production' trim.

Classic styling like a Maserati...nup

That means its going to look rather ugly and quite bizzare with that uniquely Japanese street tuner look to it. Where do they get these designers from?


Prototype test mule looks more like a supercar...lets hope this is closer to reality than the Detroit Show car

Photos of the prototype lapping the Nurburgring suggest that the look will be a little more '2007' and a little less '2017 a space odyssey'. We can only hope. Mind you, buying one if it is shipped to the colonies will be rather expensive. There is talk of the Lexus LF-A being priced around US170K in the States so think drug money in Australia, $300k-400.

Lexus have confirmed that the LF-A is powered by a front mounted V10 that is 'under 5.0-litres in capacity'. There are other reports on the internet that suggest a mid-mounted V10 but I think that the car is fairly obviously designed around a front mounted engine.

Drive will run through a rear mounted transaxle to aid weight distribution. Expect 370kW and a top speed of around 320km/h.

Lexus appear to have world performance car domination in their sites. In the near future they will have the LF-A supercar to complement the Lexus IS-F (BMW M3 and Audi RS4 challenger) and even the possibility of the worlds first Hybrid supercar, if the Toyota FT-HS gets to see the light of day. Makes for interesting times.

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