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Steane Klose | Aug, 31 2007 | 0 Comments

The niche four door ‘sports saloon’ market that BMW’s M5 arguably established back in the 1980’s is one that has been highly sought out by many car companies in recent times. The result is that buyers now have a wide range of choice from manufacturers spanning the globe, with Lexus about to join the club.

A US and European release date is planned within the coming months for Lexus’ high revving V8 IS-F. The hype surrounding the IS-F and the ongoing development of the Lexus brand, has naturally led to the Lexus team developing the IS-F’s bigger brother, a similar ‘sports saloon’ based on the current GS460.

The current GS model is due for replacement in 2010 and incoming reports indicate that Lexus engineers will be developing a high performance V10 derivative of its eventual replacement that will utilize knowledge gained from Toyotas racing experience, particularly in the V10 days of F1.


Dubbed the Lexus GS-F, its 5.0-litre V10 will first be seen in the upcoming Lexus LF-A supercar, allowing Lexus the benefit of production cost savings that come with utilizing one engine across two models.

Lexus Australia have recently commented that they would be very keen to see the IS-F hit our shores next year, if this happens I would be confident that the GS-F would follow suit come 2011.


[Source: Motor Authority / Paul Tan (pic)]

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