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Steane Klose | Jun, 10 2007 | 5 Comments

Hard on the heels of the Chrysler Sebring's arrival in Australia is a leaked internal Chrysler memo suggesting that not even Chrylser are happy with their new Sebring and Dodge Nitro models.

Apparently Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda is quite upset and many employees are outraged with how the Sebring and Nitro have turned out. Mr Bob Lee the head of Powertrain Engineering for Chrysler and Dodge wrote an internal questionnaire that was obtained by the Detroit News.

According to Lee Chrysler has “missed where the market was to end up versus our projections.” In fact Lee went on to say that Chrysler underestimated what their competitors would be offering and missed the mark in terms of interior quality, ride, fuel efficiency and NVH. It would seem that many Chrysler enthusiasts have also criticized the styling of both the Sebring and Nitro.

"As a result of these embarrassing 'misses,' there are extremely aggressive actions being taken on many of the existing products — and also the yet to be introduced products to get us at least to the middle of the competitive pack in very short order," Lee wrote.


Rick Deneau a spokesman for Chrysler has confirmed that the leaked memo is authentic and was not meant for public release.

Hmmm...kinda makes that new Sebring you were going to buy look a little 'dog-eared' doesn't it...

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