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Lamborghini LP 700-4 Confirmed For Geneva Debut Photo:
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_04 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_04 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_07 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_01 Photo: tmr
Lamborghini LP 700-4 Specifications Photo:
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_05 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_06 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_11 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_03 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_01 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_10 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_06 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_lp_700_4_aventador_suspension_02 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_02 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_09 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_new_v12_engine_02 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_lp_700_4_aventador_suspension_01 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_03 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_aventador_lp_700_4_ordering_guide_and_specifications_08 Photo: tmr
lamborghini_isr_transmission Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Jan, 25 2011 | 1 Comment

Drumming up anticipation for its upcoming Murcielago successor, the LP 700-4 (reportedly dubbed Aventador), Lamborghini has confirmed a Geneva Motor Show debut for the new supercar.

The brand of the Raging Bull has also revealed new images and details that highlight the LP 700-4's unique suspension system.

Using an F1-inspired pushrod spring and damper arrangement, Lamborghini says the new system transversely connects the spring and damper components to the body shell structure instead of the wheel mounts.

Located under the windscreen up front and close to the engine in the rear (pictured above), the pushrods and relay levers and rockers transmit forces from the wheel mounts to the spring and damper elements.

Lamborghini says this arrangement offers more responsive and easier to manage handling, while the rigid connection to the chassis equals a sharp and spontaneous reaction to the springs and dampers.

The entire suspension system is made from forged aluminium alloy, including the upper and lower control arms, the wheel mounts and the relay levers.

This latest haul of technical information follows the unveiling in November of Lamborghini's new V12 engine, producing 525kW and 690Nm of torque.

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