Lamborghini Gallardo V8 or turbocharged V10 Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jun, 20 2007 | 0 Comments

Just as we think we are to lose the Audi RS4 and its glorious 4.2-litre FSI V8 up pops another possible home for this remarkable engine. The chaps at WorldCarFans have posted the photo below and it is their ‘speculative’ belief that it may be a V8 (Audi) powered Lambroghini Gallardo.

It is obvious that the front bar is mildly revised but WorldCarFans also report that the rear exit exhaust has been noticeably reworked suggesting that the ‘normal’ V10 may not be residing behind the front-seats. Apparently this test mule was being benchmarked against an Audi RS4.

It was also noticed that the Gallardo was noticeably quieter when in full flight. Okay, so it’s quieter and has a revised exhaust… Maybe it is not a V8 at all but a turbo-charged version of the current V10 pinched from the upcoming Audi RS6?

Maintaining the speculative approach taken by WorldCarFans we could be looking at a possible budget priced V8 Gallardo or a premium priced turbo-charged V10 Gallardo super…supercar. Either way it’s a going to be a good thing.

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