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Kia Pop EV Concept Reveals Its Insides Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Sep, 25 2010 | 1 Comment

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If the clearest sign of a carmaker's growth is in the number of advanced concepts it has under its belt, Kia would appear to be on track.

Following the unveiling of the futuristic Ray PHEV hybrid concept in February, Kia is set to bring a new electric vehicle concept to next month's Paris Auto Show, dubbed Kia Pop.

Revealed early last month, Kia has yet to reveal the full details for its upcoming electric concept - although a series of new images released today offers the first detailed look at the quirky EV's interior.

While little else is known about the Pop, Kia has revealed that the tiny city car measures exactly three metres long - 305mm shorter than the diminutive Smart ForTwo, but 15mm longer than the Toyota iQ.

Inside, the Pop offers a three-seat layout, accommodating the driver and a passenger across a bench seat up front, and a single third passenger in the rear.

That's all the Korean carmaker has revealed for now, although Kia says more details will be released when the Pop debuts in Paris late next month.

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