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Mike Stevens | Nov, 13 2008 | 4 Comments

Growing up, some of us aspired to be firemen, astronauts, actors, musicians, porn stars. Maybe not so much the last one, but there’s a lot of people out there, so who knows.

But if I’d known back in my wee childhood that gymkhanas and motorkhanas and drifting existed, I reckon I’d have told the old man to stick the fire truck back under the tree and get me a helmet and some gloves.

Ken Block is one of the founders of skateboarding mecca brand DC Shoes, and over the past few years he’s become fairly interested in rally driving. Turns out he’s not bad at it. Above is a video of Block attacking a gymkhama course – a set of tasks set out on a vacant lot, such as pulling donuts in a very small box while entering and exiting said box at a high speed, et cetera. Memorising the tasks in the right order is of course half the challenge, but make no mistake; executing them is where the real magic is.

With a rally-spec Subaru WRX STI putting down 395kW at his disposal, Block makes light work of the job. Find five minutes, and hit play.

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