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Steane Klose | Sep, 09 2007 | 4 Comments

The speed cameras have finally caught up with Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson has managed to keep his license clean for years despite driving some of the world’s fastest cars for a living.

Snapped doing 82mph in a 50mph zone, Clarkson was driving an Alfa Romeo Brera press fleet car on the A40 expressway in Ruislip.

Alfa forwarded the speeding fine to Clarkson late last year but he refused to name the driver. It eventually found its way into the Magistrates court and Clarkson employed the services of Nick Freeman aka ‘Mr Loophole’ the lawyer famous for using loopholes in the legal system to win his clients a reprieve.

Police errors, paperwork errors and flaws in the prosecutions legal process are where ‘Mr Loophole’ finds the road to freedom and a license to drive another day for his clients.

It isn’t a cheap process though with Nick commanding a daily fee of £10,000…but in Clarkson’s case it worked a treat. Without even appearing in court, the prosecution withdrew its case before the hearing even commenced.

Clarkson was no-doubt tearing down an autobahn in the latest Ferrari when he got the news… While we don't condone speeding on public roads, speed cameras are just an affront to our intelligence - a simple case of our governments putting revenue ahead of roadsafety - so well done Jezza!


[Source: Pistonheads]

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