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Steane Klose | Aug, 29 2007 | 0 Comments

While the internet is buzzing with wildly varying opinions on Jaguars new XF saloon, Jaguar have decided to throw another spanner-in-the-works. Jaguar traditionalists reeling from the shock of an up-to-the-minute modern looking sedan joining the range are now faced with losing their beloved Jaguar name.

Jaguar have announced that future vehicles will not feature the “Jaguar” name. Over the next two to three years the famous name will be phased out and replaced with the Jaguar “leaper” logo.

The new XF will be the cross-over point, featuring both the name and the leaper logo but eventually the name will be dropped altogether. Jaguar were concerned that the XF is such a radical departure from the previous Jaguar look that the name had better stay for a while longer, giving those not in the know, time to get up to speed.

"Eventually we will take the name off and just leave the leaper. When people see the XF they won't know what it is, so they will look for a name badge. That's why we've left it on, but put the leaper there as well. The name will go probably on production cars within two or three years", said Ian Callum, head of Jaguar design


[Source: LeftLaneNews]

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