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Trevor Collett | Sep, 06 2016 | 0 Comments

Ferrari has pushed its exclusivity rules to one side for a cause more important than that of keeping its loyal customers on the A-list.

Following the devastating earthquake in Italy last month which left more than 250 dead, with countless more injured or homeless, the carmaker has decided to build one last LaFerrari hypercar.

The decision would not have been an easy one for Ferrari, as the final build will push the total number of LaFerraris beyond the original 499 units to the round figure - and less-exclusive - 500.

But as the LaFerrari will be auctioned off to benefit earthquake victims, we’re sure Ferrari’s customers won’t mind in this instance.

And they’re used to the idea, sort-of, as Ferrari has previously stretched the bounds of its exclusivity rules when it decided to add a 400th Enzo to the ranks for Pope John Paul II.

Like the LaFerrari, Enzo number 400 was sold with the money used for charitable purposes.

Ferrari is yet to announce a completion date for the 500th LaFerrari or when the auction will take place, but if you like the idea of owning one of the hypercars while supporting a good cause, best you start saving now.

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