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Hyundai RWD Coupe official rendering Photo:

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Steane Klose | Aug, 13 2007 | 1 Comment

There has been much recent speculation concerning the upcoming Hyundai RWD Coupe/Tiburon. We don’t know what it will be called but we do know that it is RWD (Hyundai have confirmed this) and that it will borrow the Genesis sedans RWD platform.

The image you see above is believed to be an “official” rendering of the new RWD coupe and if you can recall the Hyundai coupe spy photos from a previous post then it appears to be bang on the money at least when looking at the side profile. It is the front styling that we have not yet seen and make this drawing so interesting.

Assuming that this is close to the look, the question is do I like it? Well…no, I don’t. Gone is the hint of aggression implied in the styling of the current Tiburon and back comes that same old Hyundai look. Boring...boring…boring. It does not look like a serious performance coupe, instead it embraces the spirit of Celica and the numerous other FWD wannabe performance coupes of the recent past.

There is still time for Hyundai to embrace all that a RWD sports coupe should imply and inject a bit of machismo, otherwise this will be another forgettable sporty two door aspired to by hairdressers and prep school teachers.

Come on Hyundai, inject a bit of passion. This is a huge opportunity to change the motoring publics perception of Hyundai and you should be putting together a show-stopper.


[Source: Motor Authority via the torquereport]

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