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Mike Stevens | Feb, 19 2009 | 0 Comments

Last week we looked at sketches of the upcoming Hyundai HED-6, and Hyundai has today revealed more visuals of the concept, which is headed for the Geneva Motor Show in March. These official computer generated pictures have been leaked to the press, and it seems this CG-based vision follows the earlier sketches reasonably closely.

It is expected that the soft roader, matching Hyundai's new naming convention, will bear the name iX35.

While there's no new information on the mechanical package, the CG renderings give a better idea of what the concept car will look like when unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The iX35 is expected to be powered by a 1.6 litre GDi four-cylinder engine making 130kW (175hp), courtesy of a turbo and direct injection.

Hyundai HED-6 Official CG Rendering (Rear)

Visually, there's looks to be quite a bit of Mazda influence in the design of the HED-6 concept. Both the front and the rear are reminiscent of the Mazda2's face and rump, though that's not a bad thing. One of my recent vox pops had the Mazda2 voted as one of the "cutest" compacts on the market right now.

While the overall concept is appealing, it might be nice to see those 'bling' chrome wheels left behind when the car goes to production...

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