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Hyundai confirms new coupe will be RWD Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jul, 31 2007 | 1 Comment

We have already featured the disguised Hyundai Coupe that has recently been spotted in a number of locations around the world Strongly rumoured to be based on the Hyundai Genesis rear wheel drive platform it has not been confirmed that the drive was going to the rear wheels…until now.

Hyundai has just confirmed that the new coupe replacement for the current Tiburon due in 2008/2009 will be rear wheel drive in what is a sure sign that Hyundai are taking the ‘sports car’ title seriously.

The fact that FWD has been dropped for the next generation Tiburon leads to some interesting speculation concerning possible drivetrain options. No longer shackled by the limitations inherent with putting power to the ground through the same wheels that steer, Hyundai have the option of upping the ante a little…or a lot.


It is generally believed that a turbo-charged V6 will be on the menu, in addition to a naturally aspirated V6. However, some speculate that a V8 variant using the same V8 due to be released in the Genesis sedan could see the light of day. Hyundai have officially kyboshed the V8 claims but never say never.

Source : Autoblog

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