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Steane Klose | Dec, 11 2007 | 0 Comments

Now I’m not a big fan of urban 4WD’s in the spirit of Patrol and Landcruiser. I hate the fact that I can’t see past them in traffic and don’t see the point to them as a means of commuting around urban areas…but, I think the Hummer H3 is awesome and quite probably for all of the wrong reasons. I’m not alone either, with the waiting list in Australia for a H3 stretching past six months and stories of some wannabe owners asking well above the list price to jump the queue.

So it seems fitting to report on an extra tough Hummer H3, even if it does appear to be a very limited run Euro only deal. Only 50 of the “Blacked Out” Black Edition Hummers will be produced. Based on the Adventure model, they will feature gloss black exterior paintwork, a black leather interior and a complete collection of (you guessed it…) matt black accessories such as grille, tubular assist steps, door handles, mirrors, roof racks, fuel door and even the wheels. Pretty much everything that can be painted black is…painted black.

And it looks great. Half of the limited run of Black Edition H3’s will also benefit from the addition of an electric sunroof, while standard kit includes a fully integrated Kenwood Navigation system. Pricing in Europe is expected to start from around € 49,950 or € 1,250 more than the standard Adventure model on which it is based which represents amazing value.


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