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Steane Klose | Jun, 22 2007 | 0 Comments

The Australian launch of the Hummer H3 has been delayed by three months as ADR compliance throws a spanner in the production works. Mudflaps, wiring looms and towbars are where the ADR action is and the delays will see the 300+ Aussies who have already put a deposit on their H3 waiting a little longer than expected.

The official launch of the Hummer H3 is now not expected before October this year. The H3 is the baby in the Hummer range and is built in South Africa. It features a 3.7-litre five-cylinder petrol engine and we’re thinking that will make the 2200kg 4WD a bit of a slug. Hummer Australia are pushing for diesel and V8 power and we’d be waiting for it as well before handing over a deposit.

Pricing is very competitive with the base model starting at $51,990 and the range topping luxury variant coming in at $59,990. There is even a new smaller Hummer dubbed the H4 in the pipeline and a ute variant that Australia may see at some stage.

There are 21 Hummer dealerships being established around Australia, most of which will also be Saab showrooms so this is no overnight, flight of fancy, dip a toe in the water exercise.


GM Premium brands, the business behind the importation of the Hummer are also looking at bringing the Cadillac brand to Australia but admit that this is still 18mths to 2 years away as they wait for next generation models to come on stream.

We can understand the interest in the Hummer, if your thing is 4WD’s the Hummer would be on the list if only for it's uniqueness but the Cadillac brand will struggle in our opinion unless the next generation models are significant improvements over current ones. The only buyers we could foresee would be those looking for an average car with massive depreciation…and they may be a little thin on the ground.

In our humble opinion the premium GM brands that would most interest Australians are Corvette and the yet to be released Camaro. Finding buyers for cars such as these would not be an issue…

Source : Drive

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