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Mike Stevens | Apr, 08 2010 | 1 Comment

AFTER CONFIRMING in February that its deal with China's Sichuan Tengzhong had fallen through, GM announced that while it would entertain other offers, it would begin the wind-down process for the Hummer brand.

Today, the former world-number-one has announced that Hummer has reached the end of its lifeline and its retirement is now confirmed. Hummer's end joins the recent sale of Saab and the retirement of Pontiac and Saturn on GM's list of discarded brands.

Speaking with US industry paper Automotive News, Hummer CEO Jim Taylor confirmed that GM's Jim Bunnell broke the news to Hummer dealers in a conference call today. Taylor confirmed that he is retiring, effective immediately.

WIth 153 dealerships and around 2200 remaining new Hummers in the US, GM will run generous rebates and discounts in its home market. With around 20 dealerships in Australia through the GM Premium Brands line, it is unclear at this point what numbers remain in stock and whether brand manager Holden will announce similar deals.

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