HSV W427 Orders Close April 28 Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Apr, 17 2009 | 3 Comments

If you're one of the moneyed-up few who've got little compunction about paying AU$155,500 for HSV's self-proclaimed 'Aussie Supercar', the W427, then you'd better hurry up.

Holden Special Vehicles has announced that prospective buyers have until April 28 to place their order for one of the 375kW V8 monsters, before the books close for ever.

"We announced late last year the last build for the W427 would be mid-2009, and we now need to confirm orders for the final build of the program," said Phil Harding, Managing Director of HSV.

“Existing customers belong to a very exclusive club and those considering the purchase of an HSV W427 have one last chance to join them."

With a build run of 200 cars or less, exclusivity is assured. However, with a retail price of $155,500 it's a pretty thick wad of cash to hand over for a car based on something as prosaic as Holden's Commodore.

Harding, however, says that with the W427's power, image and relative rarity, it's not just a car you're buying, but an investment.

“Who knows what the market for exotic muscle cars will look like in the future?"

"The purchase of a W427 might represent a savvy investment opportunity – as well as delivering a driving experience that is pure exhilaration and excitement,”

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