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Honda to have clean diesels by 2009 Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jun, 14 2007 | 1 Comment

Honda have only just announced a retreat from the petrol-electric hybrid market citing poor sales of their hybrid vehicles in the US. A recent report we came across suggests that there may be more to this than first thought. It would appear that Honda are intending to go the ‘clean diesel’ route and leave the hybrids to Toyota. Hooray…we say! Finally some common sense…

The Nikkei would not confirm their sources at Honda but they have been informed that Honda is intending to have clean diesel powered vehicles available in their domestic (Japanese) market by 2009.

Honda have developed a highly advanced catalyst that can cut nitrogen oxides and other emissions down to petrol engine levels. The new diesels emit 20 per cent less carbon dioxide and are 20-30 per cent more fuel efficient than their petrol equivalent.

Is this a faint voice of reason that we hear amidst the growing petrol-electric hybrid hoo-hah? Could there be a cheaper, simpler and arguably more effective alternative to hybrids that could still be fun to drive? Could it soon be a case of…buy a diesel and save the world? We hope so… We like your work Honda.

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