Honda NSX HSV-10 GT SuperGT Race Car Revealed In Leaked Image Photo:
honda_hsv-010-gt_06.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_nsx_hsv-10_gt_supergt_race-car_01.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_05.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_04.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_03.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_02.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_07.jpg Photo: tmr
honda_hsv-010-gt_01.jpg Photo: tmr

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Mike Stevens | Dec, 22 2009 | 6 Comments

HONDA'S 2010 SUPERGT entry has been revealed in the form of the HSV-10 GT, developed in parallel to the cancelled NSX supercar and now approved for competition next year.

Apart from this one image, very little is known about the HSV-10 GT, also known as the Velocity Sports Honda - including whether those names are official Honda issue.

According to a report at French motoring website LeBlogAuto, the HSV-10 GT will race in SuperGT's GT500 category, powered by a 3.4 litre V8 developing more than 374kW (also reported earlier this month).

Mounted in a front-mid layout, the V8 will send power to the rear wheels via the same Ricardo sequential manual transmission set to appear in Nissan and Toyota entries in 2010.


Beneath the track-outfitted body lies the chassis Honda had been developing for a production NSX before cancelling the project earlier this year.

No official details have been offered by Honda at this stage. The 2010 SuperGT series opens on March 20.

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