Honda N600-Inspired EV-N Concept And Skydeck Hybrid Concept: Tokyo Motor Show Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Oct, 01 2009 | 2 Comments

HONDA YESTERDAY REVEALED the (almost) production-ready CRZ hybrid sportscar ahead of its Tokyo Motor Show debut. Today, the Japanese carmaker has revealed two new concepts: The all-electric EV-N and the Skydeck minivan.

The EV-N concept, inspired by the classic Honda N600 of the late 60s and early 70s, features swappable seat fabrics, a solar roof to support the battery-powered motor, and a car-to-car communications array in the front bumper.


Using Honda's "Hello!" (Honda ELectric mobility LOop) technology, the EV-N can communicate with other Hondas nearby, and - according to Honda - the world at large.

"Each HELLO! vehicle features interactive communication technologies that showcase the fun ways in which mobility devices can interact with people and society," a Honda statement reads.


The EV-N also features Honda's brand-new UX-3 personal mobility unicycle tucked away in the passenger door.

Honda has so far offered next to no details on the EV-N concept, but more is likely to be revealed when the cute little retro hatch is unveiled at Tokyo next month.


Honda Skydeck Hybrid Concept


THE HONDA SKYDECK hybrid concept - borrowing styling cues from the the likes of Honda's Odyssey wagon, Stream and the CR-Z concept - will debut at next month's Tokyo Motor Show.

Featuring an odd combination of 'scissor' doors up front and a more conventional sliding door for the rear passengers, the Skydeck previews Honda's future design language (though the scissor door is unlikely to make the cut).


As with the EV-N concept, Honda has taken a minimalist approach to the Skydeck's interior, echoing the almost retro-futuristic approach to the Japanese carmaker's 2009 Tokyo Motor Show offerings.

The Skydeck concept is built around Honda's hybrid technology, and although specific technical details have yet to surface, it is likely to utilise the same systems as the upcoming CR-Z and Honda Jazz hybrids.

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