Honda CT110 'Postie Bike' Released For The Road Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jul, 16 2009 | 10 Comments

HONDA HAS THIS WEEK announced that the legendary 'Postie Bike', the Honda CT110, is now available direct to the public in road-registrable form.

Popular in regional areas as a farming bike and recognised around Australia for its widespread use by Australia Post (and is currently the second-highest selling bike in the country), the Honda CT110 has built a strong enthusiast following since its release in 1980.

The CT110 features a 4-stroke 105cc OHC single-cylinder engine and dual-range four-speed transmission with a heel toe shifter and an automatic centrifugal clutch.

A wet sump oil system and closed chain guard also serve to make the CT110 one of the easier bikes to maintain.

In keeping with its retro styling and famed reputation for rugged utility, the CT110 features front and rear carriers, and for ease of use, left and right side stands are standard as well.


The CT110's low seat height also makes it ideal for smaller riders eager for something more than a simple scooter, but with the same ease of use.

The Honda CT110 is available from Honda dealers now, with a Manufacturer's List Price of $3490.

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