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Honda Beat To Return In 2011, Based On Honda OSM Concept? Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 15 2009 | 1 Comment

According to the news-makers at Japanese auto magazine Best Car, Honda is working on returning the Beat name to the streets of Tokyo after a 13 year absence.

The original Beat ran on a rear-wheel-drive platform and was powered by a 47kW 660cc engine, putting it in the ‘kei’ category – a class of car so small and with such a low environmental impact, that tax breaks and parking discounts are part of the benefits of owning one.


Best Car says that Honda is looking at the market closely and working feverishly to bring the new Beat – based on the Honda OSM concept – to showrooms at the right time, likely around 2011.

The ‘kei class’ 2011 Honda Beat will, according to Best Car, be powered by the same 660cc engine motivating Honda’s Life, Zest and Zest Spark kei cars, utilising the same front-wheel-drive platform.

The Honda OSM Concept, unveiled at the London Motor Show in 2008.

While all-wheel-drive is an option, it is likely the new Beat will deliver its limited power to the front wheels only.

How much of this can be believed will remain to be seen, but as we're unlikely to see the Beat in Australia it's a moot point for Aussies anyway.

[via 7Tune]

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