GT-R to do battle with Bullet Train on Top Gear Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jun, 03 2008 | 3 Comments

Remember when we received word that the 11th season of Top Gear would feature an "epic" race set in Japan? Well, it seems that Jeremy Clarkson himself has let slip that the race does indeed involve one of Japan's iconic Shinkansen bullet trains, putting to rest all of those silly "MX-5 v Ninja" and "Landcruiser v Sumo" theories.

He didn't mention what the car was, but it's a foregone conclusion that it'll be an R35 GT-R. Clarkson has had a long-documented love affair with the GT-R which stretches way back to the days of the R32, so it only seems natural that he'd have charmed his way into a Nissan press car for his latest visit to the Far East. We're wondering what other hijinks Jezza and co. will be getting into while they're in Japan, but I'm predicting that there'll be at least some mention of Geishas, vending machines, love hotels and heavily censored (and thus terribly unsatisfying) pornography. Just a guess.

[Source: BBC News]

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