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Mike Stevens | Jun, 28 2010 | 0 Comments

While it might be common to skim over the fine print in insurance contracts, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce is urging motorists to pay close attention to the details of their car insurance.

One area causing concern for consumers, VACC's Executive Director David Purchase said, is the discovery - after an accident - that their insurance contract does not include the right to choose their preferred crash repairer.

“Choice of repairer has become a hot issue. Motorists are realising that, in a majority of cases, it is their insurance company that prevents them from deciding who repairs their vehicle after a crash,” Mr Purchase said.

“The other common frustration is that insurance documents are written in complex and ambiguous language so that motorists are left confused about who controls the repair process,” Mr Purchase said.

To help motorists wade through the complexities when choosing an insurer, VACC has produced a comparison table that provides a 'simple translation' of the policies of the major insurers when it comes to 'choice of repairer'.

“Choosing vehicle insurance should not be based on price alone: it should be about choosing the right policy," Mr Purchase said.

If that includes choice of repairer, then motorists are advised to read all the paper work, including the small print, in order to find a policy which gives them what they want and not what the insurance company wants."

VACC's Consumer Choice Comparison Table is designed not only to make the "who should I insure with?" decision simpler for motorists, but also to push insurance companies to be more 'up front' and transparent in their policies. Something that most consumers would agree is long overdue.

The comparison table can be found at vacc.com.au.

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