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Mike Stevens | Nov, 05 2009 | 3 Comments

THE GLOBAL GREEN CAR Challenge has come to a close, with more than a few carmakers claiming victories and company records.

Based on best percentage improvement over the vehicle's official fuel consumption figures, the event's surprise result came from the HSV Maloo, averaging 7.74 l/100km. The Maloo's official fuel consumption figure is 15.1 l/100km.

Officially, the Global Green Car Challenge separated entrants into categories dependent on vehicle type and size, with the Maloo winning the Production Class Ute/Light Truck category.

Another standout performance came from the Suzuki Alto, more than halving its official 4.8 l/100km rating by achieving 2.0 l/100km - in Adelaide's CBD.


Class - Winner

  • Production Class Small Car Diesel - Ford Fiesta ECOnetic

    Official: 3.7 l/100km - Result: 2.9 l/100km

  • Production Class Small Car Petrol - Suzuki Alto GLX

    Official: 4.8 l/100km - Result: 2.0 l/100km

  • Production Class Ute/Light Truck - HSV Maloo Ute

    Official: 15.1 l/100km - Result: 7.74 l/100km

  • Production Class Large Car Petrol - Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

    Official: 11.7 l/100km - Result: 6.7 l/100km

  • Production Class Large Car Diesel - Skoda Superb

    Official: 5.4 l/100km - Result: 4.59 l/100km

  • Production Class Medium/ Off Road - Hyundai Santa Fe SLX

    Official: 6.7 l/100km - Result: 5.1 l/100km

  • Production Class 2 seat Electric - Tesla

    501km on one charge. Previous record: 430km


MINI's Cooper D entries - three in total - achieved a best of 3.42 l/100km, bettering its official rating of 3.9 l/100km. The Cooper D is one of the most fuel efficient cars available in Australia.

The 2010 Kia Sorento, sharing the same R-2.2 diesel powering the Santa Fe entries, achieved a figure just shy of its Hyundai sibling - 5.17 l/100km - bettering its official fuel consumption figure of 6.7 l/100km.

Holden's SIDI equipped VE Sportwagon, with an official fuel consumption figure of 9.3 l/100km, achieved a result of 6.48 l/100km.

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