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Steane Klose | Mar, 26 2007 | 3 Comments

THERE WAS A TIME when Black and Gold was synomynous with the bland-tasting econo-brand generic food in the black and gold packaging on Australian supermarket shelves. (Reaching for it at the supermarket was like a final weak admission that you weren't quite where you had hoped to be at this point in your life.)

Black and Gold has now taken on a whole new persona with the release of the FPV 40th Anniversary GT R-Spec. A bland budget line it is not - it is, in my opinion, quite possibly the best looking FPV produced to date.

Its colour scheme pays homage to the original 67 XT GT, being a reverse of the XT's Gold with a Black stripe. The anniversary GT comes with special 19-inch alloy wheels and unique interior styling which includes the GT logo being embroidered in the headrests in place of the usual FPV logos.

The engine however remains unchanged and is the same 290KW overhead-cam V8 found in the standard GT. Not a bad thing but it really is time for FPV to address the somewhat underdone 'Boss' now that it is up against the HSV's LS2. Prior to the VE, FPV could rely on superior chassis dynamics but those days are now gone.

The good news is that the R-Spec designation refers to a newly developed handling package much like the old HO or 'handling option' designation of the now mythical XYGTHO. The suspension was re tweaked with the help of FPV's old mate John Bowe and apparantly has improved turn-in response and power-down traction.

The R-Spec kit also includes a high capacity oil cooler for the excellent ZF six speed auto, offering a little more reassurance at the track or when towing.


The Black and Gold bad boy is expected to hit showrooms in April with a limited run of 200 40th Anniversary cars. This has to be one of the most collectible FPV's of recent years not to mention the most attractive.

This combined with a price of $65,110.00 for manual or auto will I'm sure, see 200 lucky new owners pop up like rabbits on a golf course. It is expected that the R-Spec package will be available on the other FPV models when the Anniversary specials have sold out.

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