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FPV F6X performance SUV unveiled at AIMS Photo:

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Steane Klose | Oct, 11 2007 | 1 Comment

FPV had no intention of letting HSV get all of the attention and fielded two notable new models. The GT Cobra was tucked away in the background a little (we’ll show you that soon) and sitting in front of it was the new FPV F6X. We’ll bring you full details of FPV’s new Territory based performance SUV soon but for now rest assured that it packs a reasonable punch.

The F6X features a tuned version of Ford’s inline 4.0-litre turbo engine producing 270kW and 550Nm. A little bit of a let-down to be honest, the F6X may have what it takes in dynamic ability but it looks a bit lame. If FPV want to field a performance SUV it needs to look as serious as BMW’s X5 and Porsche’s Cayenne. Maybe it was the wheels...or the plain white paint.

Check out the FPV F6X gallery below.



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