Ford Vertrek Concept Previews New Small SUV Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jan, 11 2011 | 6 Comments


While Ford Australia works to determine a successor to the current Territory SUV beyond 2015, the company's US parent has unveiled the Vertrek Concept, a new option for the 'small crossover CUV' segment.

Previewing the next-generation US-market Escape (one size down from the likes of the Explorer and the Territory), the Vertrek Concept is powered by Ford's new 1.6 litre EcoBoost turbo-charged four-cylinder petrol engine.

Power figures have not been revealed, although the engine's output is likely in line with the numbers announced at the engine's unveiling in 2009, ranging between 110kW and 132kW.

The Vertrek benefits from a range of other efficiency-minded technologies, including regenerative charging and an automatic stop/start system.

“The building blocks of kinetic design - defining the stance and how the body is set over the wheels; strong and precisely executed surfacing; the dynamic, expressive lines and creating a sleeker aerodynamic profile - are all very much in line with what we believe customers want in future compact SUVs,” Martin Smith, Ford Executive Design Director, said.

If its styling didn't give the game away, the Vertrek is built on the same C-segment platform used by the upcoming 2012 Focus line-up. When it launches, it will form one of 10 models using that platform.

Ford remains mum on a production schedule for the Vertrek, and while much of its styling could conceivably make its way to the market version, it is likely that the Vertrek's styling will be simplified significantly before it enters production.


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