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Steane Klose | Jun, 01 2007 | 0 Comments

Another Ford manufacturing facility closes but this time it is one that will mean something to Aussie Ford fans. Fords Windsor Casting Plant in Ontario Canada turned off the furnaces and closed the doors on May 29,

Aussies know it as the spiritual home of the mighty Windsor V8’s from Fords V8 heydey in Australia. The Windsor V8 was a 90 degree small block that was introduced in 1962 to replace the Y-block engine. The 289 version of the Windsor helped to start the Ford GT legend in Australia when it appeared in the XRGT from 1967-68.

More recently we saw the Windsor V8 in 5.0-litre guise powering a number of hi-po falcons until Ford Australia adopted the more modern modular overhead cam Ford V8. The ultimate Windsor was the 250kW 5.6-litre stroker developed by Tickford Australia which was as well known for its big power and torque as it was it's hearty thirst at the bowser.

The Windsor small block survived right through to the introduction of Fords 4.6-litre modular V8 in 1991. The arguably more famous Ford Cleveland V8 was introduced in 1970 with the expectation that it would replace the Windsor but this never happened. The 351 Cleveland V8 went on to power many of Ford’s GT’s including the legendary GTHO Phase 3.

Ford have also announced that their Cleveland Casting Plant will be closing its doors in the near future. Ford are intending to outsource their casting operations after reviewing their business and deciding that they need to focus on their core operations. Another ‘end of era’ story and we suspect there will be a few more before Ford and GM find their feet again.

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