Fiat 1.9JTD Twin Stage Turbo (TST) diesel engine Photo:

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Steane Klose | Jun, 10 2007 | 0 Comments

We are big fans of diesels and recent strides forward in diesel technology are taking the compression ignition engine to an all new level. In fact, we would rather see advanced diesel technology lead the way forward for efficient and emissions friendly vehicles than Toyotas complicated and thoroughly snooze worthy petrol-electric hybrids which just don’t fry our bacon.

An example of just how good diesels are becoming is the new Fiat 1.9JTD Twin Stage Turbo (TST) engine which was announced this week by Fiat Powertrain. The 1.9JTD TST complies with Euro 5 emissions regulations and produces 100bhp/75Kw per litre of engine capacity.

Even more impressive is the torque output. How does 400Nm from 1.9-litres sound? Just as impressively, 300Nm is available from 1250rpm! That sort of torque makes your average Commodore or Falcon 6-cylinder look very lazy.

Fiat are producing two version of the new diesel, a 1.8 and a 1.9-litre which push out 134kw and 141kw respectively. Peak power is reached at 4000rpm which will make for one very spritely small car in city traffic. In fact we suspect that there would be few performance hatches that would keep up with you between lights.

Given Fiats ties with GM it would be great to see not only some Australian Fiat models being fitted with the diesel but also some GM models. Maybe HSV could look at a diesel VXR…

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