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Steane Klose | May, 17 2007 | 0 Comments

Recently in the car news world it was declared that Ferrari was the best place on Earth to work which is understandable, especially if you are one of the test drivers…

Well, those same workers it turns out have been on strike for a couple of months now. It seems all is not as rosy as first thought a Ferrari. The workers want what workers always want which is more money in the form of bigger bonuses. Aside from the usual monetary demands the Ferrari staff want Fiat (owner of Ferrari) to back off the pressure to build more cars.

The workers are concerned that Fiat are pushing to hard and losing sight of the fact that Ferrari is all about precision built, exclusive sports cars. They are concerned that Ferrari quality levels are falling as a result.

No doubt Fiat’s bean-counters are just looking at the bottom line and have seen how much money is made on each Ferrari sale and well…want more Ferrari sales.


Ferrari's workers obviously have a lot of pride in their famous employer and the product which they produce which is great to see when the rest of the world is looking to make more not make better. Out of respect for Ferrari the Ferrari workers are only striking on Saturday and not all at the same time!

Production has been slowed but not stopped as a result. Obviously none of the F1 team employees are striking as that would be sacrilegious and completely disrespectful.

Unionism and the ‘tall-poppy’ syndrome are so ingrained in Australia's culture that this sort of respect for an employer that you believe is under-paying you seems quite fanciful.

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