Falcon XR8 Could Be Dropped In Favour Of FPV Models: Report Photo:
Mike Stevens | Jan, 25 2010 | 8 Comments

WITH FORD AUSTRALIA set to introduce a new US-sourced 5.0 litre V8 engine, the company is reportedly considering retiring the XR8 badge in favour of an FPV-only V8 line-up.

Speaking with press recently, Ford Australia boss Marin Burela said that a number of options are being considered, including a plan that would see the XR8 retained and the FPV V8 range treated to a higher tune or forced induction.


Mr Burela said that while it is an option, dropping the XR8 would need a very compelling reason, with the nearly 20 year old model being a popular choice among Australia V8 fans.

If the XR8 keeps its place in the Ford line-up, it could get a de-tuned version of the upcoming 'Coyote' V8. The next generation FPV GS could then get the regular tune, while the GT models would benefit from forced induction - likely in the form of a supercharger.

In its naturally-aspirated form the ‘Coyote’ 5.0 litre engine produces 307kW and 529Nm of torque, bettering the 290kW/520Nm of the current XR8.

As reported by TMR earlier this month, Ford Australia is believed to be developing a supercharged version of the new V8 - a feat even the engine's US engineers has yet to pull off.

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