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Facelifted MX-5 On The Way? Photo:
Mike Stevens | Apr, 28 2008 | 1 Comment

When I get home from a hard day slogging away at the keyboard in my warm office while the rain pours down in sheets outside, I love to sit back and read yet more rumours and speculation. You know what, I'm not even being sarcastic there. The fact is; half the time the rumours are more interesting than the truth.

This time around, we've got word that Mazda may be replacing the bar of soap inspired NC MX-5 with a facelifted model more in line with the sharp lines of the new Mazda6. Replacing the MX-5's current head lights and tail lights—modelled on a cold & flu capsule a desperate Mazda designer dug out his top drawer—with the very pointy units found on the 6, would surely push it to a new level of customer appeal.

Some aggressive lines may actually result in a sports car that I could drive to a family reunion without being confronted by the image of my grandfather sitting in an identical one.

That said, I do have to wonder at one thing: What bizarre reality have we stumbled into that Mazda would offer us intense turbo performance in the form of a hatch and a family sedan, and offer only naturally aspirated, mildly-powered versions of their two purpose-built sports cars? That's like putting together a defence force, and then giving the rifles to the Salvation Army instead.

We reported on the possibility of an MX-5 MPS model last August, but there's yet to be any official word from the company.

Jinba Ittai, Mazda. Jinba Ittai.

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