F1: Vettel Says Webber Should Have Kept Grievances Inside Team, Briatore Back In The Paddock Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Jul, 15 2010 | 9 Comments

Sebastian Vettel reportedly believes his teammate Mark Webber should have kept a lid on his unhappiness at Silverstone last weekend.

Although the controversial recipient of Webber's front wing in Britain, and accused of being favoured by his Red Bull bosses, the 23-year-old German's voice has been the quietest throughout the latest saga.

At Silverstone he hinted that Australian Webber had shown his "true face", adding: "The most important thing is the atmosphere within the team. We have a really strong car and the only thing that can stop us is ourselves."

The implication is that Webber should have saved his grievances about the front wing so that it could be handled internally.

Germany's Bild newspaper now quotes him as saying: "I'm brought up to show respect for one another."

Referring to the wing saga, he added: "Such things do not belong in the public, they should be handled internally by the team."

Former driver David Coulthard, still a consultant for the energy drink owned team, agrees that Red Bull would have preferred if the matter had not gone public.

"Red Bull would doubtless prefer it if Mark aired his grievances in private," he wrote in his Telegraph column.

Nick Fry, Chief Executive of the Mercedes team, warns that Red Bull must quickly make clear to its drivers that they are not in charge.

"Drivers are a vital part of the team but they're not the team and that needs to be clear," he is quoted by the Sun newspaper.

"As soon as the lunatics start running the asylum you have big problems," he added.



Briatore Back In The Paddock Amid Rumours Of Future Role

Rumours continue to mount about Flavio Briatore and a major future role for the Italian in Formula One.

At Silverstone last weekend, the former Renault boss - banned for life by the FIA amid the crash-gate scandal last year - was once again spotted in the paddock.

It was his third appearance in five races and less than eight weeks, including his famous visit to Monaco and then his stroll on the Valencia grid.

Briatore was wearing a VIP paddock pass, which can only be issued by his friend, business partner and F1's Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone.

British Grand Prix winner Mark Webber, still managed by Briatore, gave the flamboyant Italian a mention in the post-race press conference.

"I spoke to Flavio last night and he said 'Mark, just make a good start'," said the Australian.

A deal with the FIA means Briatore, 60, can resume a direct operational role in F1 in 2013, and speculation is hinting at a role alongside Ecclestone in the area of sponsorship.

Another bearer of a VIP paddock pass at Silverstone was McLaren chairman Ron Dennis, who is reportedly in trouble with the BBC for jokingly cutting the wire to Eddie Jordan's earpiece live on television after the race.


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